3d Glasses

Iron Man technology becomes reality with 3D SpaceGlasses

The glasses feature two 1280×720-pixel LCD displays, each with 40 degrees field of view and aligned for stereoscopic 3D; twin RGB cameras; 3D …

​12 Of The Craziest Characters Created By Jack "King" Kirby

You'd expect a hero with 3D glasses would be able to see special things, or shoot lasers or something, right? Well, Kirby also managed to include a …

LG Electronics profit surges 165%…

A file photo taken on September 6, 2013 showing people wearing 3D glasses as they look at a video wall at the booth of South Korean electronics …

3d Movies

'The Heat' Sizzles, 'White House Down' Fizzles as 'Monsters U' Repeats at Box

The 3D Pixar family film repeated as the top movie at the domestic box office with an estimated $46 million three-day total, topping Fox's female buddy cop comedy which debuted with a better-than-expected $40 million. The prequel to "Monsters Inc …Read more »

Sony's Movie Studio Platinum 12 Adds 3D Features

Movie Studio Platinum 12, by Sony Creative Software, is -as previous versions- putting forward its easy-to-use interface and straightforward editing process. Version 12 adds new toolbar buttons for splitting and trimming video events, 3D stereoscopic …Read more »

Now Playing: Core Collapse in 3D

Rereleasing old movies converted to 3D may be all the rage these days, but here's a star-studded 3D update worth waiting for: the core collapse of a supernova. This image from the team's simulation depicts the core (roughly the inner 100 km) collapsing …Read more »

3d Technology

Teachers Use 3D Printers To Interest Students In STEM Fields

Some Indiana teachers are hoping a new program using 3D printing will encourage students to enter the science technology engineering and math or …

S/African doctors perform first 3D-printed jaw implant

The new jaws made from titanium were printed by the Central University of Technology in Bloemfontein. During the printing process at the university's …

An Earphone Brand, 3D Printing Technology and a Dash of Eccentricity

Through an extremely awkward video, which would be described as such regardless of which criterion would be chosen as a starting point, …

3d TV

Sony Finally Adds 3D Blu-ray Support to PS4

But now the consumer electronics side of Sony, or all of the companies have shifted focus from 3D TV to something else, so if they're not talking about …

Thieves steal 3D TV from house in Summerseat

A 3D television and a designer wallet have been snatched by thieves from a home in Rossendale while the residents were asleep upstairs.

3D Blu-Ray Support Coming to PS4 in Next Update

Announced by the official PlayStation Twitter account, that 3D Blu-Ray … Or will the lack of even the tiniest uptick in 3D TV sales force the feature out of …

3d TV Specials

Rembrandt 3D Demonstrates Top-Class Glasses-Free 3D Using 4K LCD Panel

He has made six one-hour films about Frank Lloyd Wright and has won Emmy awards for his work on the National Geographic Television Specials, …

Frank Lloyd Wright's "Fallingwater in 3D" on Rembrandt 3D No

I have never seen 3DTV like this before.” … Blumenthal concluded, “Rembrandt 3D No glasses 3DTV has arrived, and its ground … He has won Emmy awards for his work on the National Geographic Television Specials, Serengeti …

Costco HDTV Deals This Week – Great Prices on 51-Inch HDTVs

One of the more popular items available to Costco members and non-members alike is the Vizio 80-inch Razor LED Smart TV with Theater 3D, with …

Designer 3d Glasses

Glasses seller makes customer the designer with 3D printing

Sydney startup Sneaking Duck has announced it will personalise glasses frames … The e-commerce website launched the 3D printing service today.

Meta's $3000 3D glasses look to …

A 3D printer churns out prototype glasses frames while Meta engineers … Working with Jayse Hansen, the designer of the "Iron Man" suit, Meta …

Time For Fashion Designers To Buckle Up For 3-D Printing – Law360

To ward off infringement by online 3-D printing services, fashion designers can … a man takes off the sunglasses he is wearing and shows how to make a 3-D …

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3D Printing Start-up Revolutionizes CPAP Therapy

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As millions of Americans with Obstructive Sleep Apnea struggle to get a good night's sleep, one company has harnessed 3D technology to …

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Iron Man technology becomes reality with 3D SpaceGlasses

| July 25, 2014 | 0 Comments

SpaceGlasses use technology previously only seen in films such as Iron Man – the ability to create 3D objects in mid-space using just your fingertips, …

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3D printing industry to boom, will be worth 4.5bn by 2018

| July 25, 2014 | 0 Comments

As 3D printing becomes a more widely-recognised technology by the day and gains a more prominent position in industry, people are beginning to …

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Today's Watch List Citigroup Inc. (NYSE:C), 3D Systems Corp. (NYSE:DDD), Montage

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Today's Watch List Citigroup Inc. (NYSE:C), 3D Systems Corp. (NYSE:DDD), Montage Technology Group Limited (NASDAQ:MONT), Fauquier …

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Veterans Old And New Honored In 3D Film Commemorating The 100th Anniversary Of World War I

| July 25, 2014 | 0 Comments

A very technically challenging film, SOLDIERS' STORIES IN 3D merges technology, history and storytelling for a breathtakingly immersive cinematic …

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GE Aviation, Lockheed & Optomec Star in Metal 3D Printing Project

| July 25, 2014 | 0 Comments

This one will focus on using the company's LENS 3D metal printing technology for repairing aerospace components used by the US Air Force.

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Technology Advancement Brings Complete Quantification To 3D Data

| July 25, 2014 | 0 Comments

Previous 3D solutions have focused on the reconstruction of a stack of image slices through a sample to produce a 3D rendering. Maps could be …

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A Glance at 3D Systems' Patented Metal Print Technology

| July 25, 2014 | 0 Comments

As much as we all want 3D printers to become so mainstream that every consumer around the world has one at home for daily use, let's face it: …

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Printing San Diego Comic-Con In 3D

| July 25, 2014 | 0 Comments

"3D printing … people think it's a new technology. In fact it's been around for 30 years," Ozar said. "People have been using it in automotive, aerospace …

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