3d Glasses

Internet of Things, digital assistant and 3D tablets: Four projects Amazon's Lab 126 is secretly

3D consumer products have struggled to take off properly, partly because the need for glasses makes them impractical – although the Fire phone did …

Poll: Is 3D TV dead? Do you care?

Samsung makes more 3D TVs than anyone, but its top-of-the-line 2015 model, the JS9500, only comes with one pair of 3D glasses. In previous years …

Aussie couple uses 3D printing to develop Lenzcase: an iPhone 6 case that also holds your

What's the first thing you ever 3D printed? … Hidden inside, are a set of legless reading glasses that you can pop out at a moment's notice for quickly …

3d Movies

'The Heat' Sizzles, 'White House Down' Fizzles as 'Monsters U' Repeats at Box

The 3D Pixar family film repeated as the top movie at the domestic box office with an estimated $46 million three-day total, topping Fox's female buddy cop comedy which debuted with a better-than-expected $40 million. The prequel to "Monsters Inc …Read more »

Sony's Movie Studio Platinum 12 Adds 3D Features

Movie Studio Platinum 12, by Sony Creative Software, is -as previous versions- putting forward its easy-to-use interface and straightforward editing process. Version 12 adds new toolbar buttons for splitting and trimming video events, 3D stereoscopic …Read more »

Now Playing: Core Collapse in 3D

Rereleasing old movies converted to 3D may be all the rage these days, but here's a star-studded 3D update worth waiting for: the core collapse of a supernova. This image from the team's simulation depicts the core (roughly the inner 100 km) collapsing …Read more »

3d Technology

Plan to save ancient sites from Islamic State using 3D printers

If the treasures they photograph are destroyed by ISIS, the academics will harness 3D printing technology to reconstruct them in the same style as the …

Chinese 3D Printing Can Benefit from Internet, Experts Say

According to Zhou Gongyao, vice chairman of the World 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance, the current situation is the result of there being no …

ViscoTec's new FDD Starter Kit allows users to easily 3D print with pastes and fluids

The company's new Fluid Dosing & Deposition (FDD) technology – which they are calling a big step forward for the 3D printing sector – allows the …

3d TV

Continuous innovation can beat competition: Howard Lee

The television manufacturing space is witnessing intense competition. … Even after 3D technology in TVs is not tasting much success, what is the …

From the Tracys to The Hood: Thunderbirds Celebrates 50th Anniversary in 3D Print at Launzer

We know 3D printing has a very serious side, allowing for numerous innovative … The popular British TV show, which ran in the mid-60s, had only 32 …

Poll: Is 3D TV dead? Do you care?

After significant hoopla followed by years of mediocre reviews and tepid consumer interest, 3D seems to be disappearing. Do you care? Take our poll.

3d TV Specials

5 fabulous TVs for watching the Super Bowl

… biggest sporting events of the year surrounded by can't-beat drink specials, delicious tailgating platters … THE TV: 65-inch Smart 3D, 4K Ultra HDTV.

Christmas TV schedule 2014: Best family-friendly shows to watch with children

Strictly Come Dancing will be back for a Christmas special Everyone seems to … Anyone who has just unwrapped a 3D-ready TV set will be able to …

Watch Snoopy Go 3D in the Very Merry First Trailer for 'The Peanuts Movie'

… who grew up with the newspaper comic strip and annual TV specials might find something disconcerting about the lush colors and 3D rendering.

Designer 3d Glasses

Two Girls With Glasses: Designer Toy Maker Kaitlin Juarez of MadKnits

On Two Girls With Glasses, Juarez talks about incorporating new … and 3D printing into crafting MadKnits, her favorite designer toymakers, how …

ic! berlin unveils 3D printed plotic! glasses available in eight rich new colours

As the company's head designer Julius Iversen explained, their eyewear are 3D printed in Polyamid PA220 material. 'This material is hypoallergenic, …

3D wallpaper launched; no 3D glasses required

The wallpapers can be enjoyed with or without 3D glasses, providing the … are invited to view the designs both with and without custom 3D glasses.

Other Recent Posts

Become Your Favorite Character With The 3D Systems Photobooth

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3D printing technology has struggled to find a market since bursting onto the scene a few years ago. Despite consistently being billed as a truly …

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Texas Instruments Releases New Chipsets for DLP SLA 3D Printing, Offers Superior Resolution

| August 27, 2015 | 0 Comments

A sleeper within the industry, they have been producing chipsets for DLP technology in SLA 3D printers for a while now. We followed them regarding …

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Tessera Technologies (TSRA) Buys Ziptronix for $39M

| August 27, 2015 | 0 Comments

“With this acquisition we're gaining best-in-class technology, along with exceptional people, know-how in the 3D-IC market and a significant patent …

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Engineers create 3D-printed microscopic fish that could one day be used to deliver medicine

| August 27, 2015 | 0 Comments

Wang was working on “micro-swimmers” while Chen was working on 3D printing technology. Chen said that 3D printing was already being used to …

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Germany's ViscoTec Offers Starter Kit for Integrating Existing Equipment to 3D Print in Viscous Fluids

| August 27, 2015 | 0 Comments

Being able to 3D print in silicone is a motivating factor for numerous … their pump and dose technology and expertise into the area of 3D printing.

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Polar 3D and Boys & Girls Clubs of America Announce Partnership to Bring Kids' Imaginations to

| August 27, 2015 | 0 Comments

… learn hands-on about 3D printing technology during the after-school hours thanks to a new partnership between Polar 3D and Boys & Girls Clubs of …

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Precision Metalforming Association Teams with MecklerMedia for New '3D Metal Printing

| August 27, 2015 | 0 Comments

“Manufacturers continue to find ways to use 3D metal printing to create … in manufacturing stay up to date on the latest 3D metal-printing technology.”.

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Stratasys' Displays at T-PLAS to Boost 3D Printing Adoption

| August 27, 2015 | 0 Comments

We believe that this may be part of Stratasys' strategy to accelerate the adoption of 3D technology. Last month, the company announced that it will …

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3D Printed Micro-Fish could be used for Drug Delivery: UC San Diego Researchers

| August 27, 2015 | 0 Comments

Researchers at University of California, San Diego have used innovative nanotechnology, 3D printing and micro-robotic technology to develop …

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