3d Glasses

Notes on an Interstellar voyage through the Oculus Rift wormhole

Strapping on the 3D glasses, I'm immediately transported to the deck of a space ship that looks a lot like the one seen in trailers for the movie. I travel …

Bloomfield Township siblings create "Nooloos" glasses, to be sold in Claire's stores nationwide

Three siblings created decoratable glasses called "Nooloos. … His sisters kept the 3D glasses that patrons receive, popped out the lenses and …

Bartlett company provides free glasses to view today's solar eclipse

A Bartlett company, well known for its novelty and 3D glasses, has a pair of specs to help view today's partial solar eclipse without scorching your …

3d Movies

'The Heat' Sizzles, 'White House Down' Fizzles as 'Monsters U' Repeats at Box

The 3D Pixar family film repeated as the top movie at the domestic box office with an estimated $46 million three-day total, topping Fox's female buddy cop comedy which debuted with a better-than-expected $40 million. The prequel to "Monsters Inc …Read more »

Sony's Movie Studio Platinum 12 Adds 3D Features

Movie Studio Platinum 12, by Sony Creative Software, is -as previous versions- putting forward its easy-to-use interface and straightforward editing process. Version 12 adds new toolbar buttons for splitting and trimming video events, 3D stereoscopic …Read more »

Now Playing: Core Collapse in 3D

Rereleasing old movies converted to 3D may be all the rage these days, but here's a star-studded 3D update worth waiting for: the core collapse of a supernova. This image from the team's simulation depicts the core (roughly the inner 100 km) collapsing …Read more »

3d Technology

Disrupt Surfing and Toyprint among start-ups riding 3D printing wave

Disrupt Surfing turns that on its head because the use of 3D printing technology allows “mass customisation” and the online sales channel reduces …

CyberOptics' (CYBE) CEO Subodh Kulkarni on Q3 2014 Results – Earnings Call Transcript (CYBE)

Toward this end, development of our Multi-Reflection Suppression technology or MRS 3D technology continued in the third quarter. This sensor …

Why police are 'terrified' of 3D printers

Police around the world are on edge at the threat of 3D-printed weapons. … “Our laws are failing to keep pace with that level of technology,” he said.

3d TV

Philips 55PFS5709 review

3D may not be the boom technology TV manufacturers hoped it might have been, but it's still unusual to see a TV without 3D support. The Philips …

Google and Qualcomm bite into Augmented Reality

Stealth mode augmented reality start-up Magic Leap has raised $542 million in Series B financing. Google and Qualcomm led the round of financing, …

Study: 3D Gaming Makes You Angrier Than 2D Gaming

Today's 3D technology can make games a lot more immersive, but it could … The study is less a condemnation of 3D TV than it is of violent games in …

3d TV Specials

Rembrandt 3D Demonstrates Top-Class Glasses-Free 3D Using 4K LCD Panel

He has made six one-hour films about Frank Lloyd Wright and has won Emmy awards for his work on the National Geographic Television Specials, …

Frank Lloyd Wright's "Fallingwater in 3D" on Rembrandt 3D No

I have never seen 3DTV like this before.” … Blumenthal concluded, “Rembrandt 3D No glasses 3DTV has arrived, and its ground … He has won Emmy awards for his work on the National Geographic Television Specials, Serengeti …

Costco HDTV Deals This Week – Great Prices on 51-Inch HDTVs

One of the more popular items available to Costco members and non-members alike is the Vizio 80-inch Razor LED Smart TV with Theater 3D, with …

Designer 3d Glasses

designer reading glasses online uk

Buy Gucci Designer Glasses and Sunglasses Online and Add Some Glamour to Your Life So, … Samsung 3D How It Works Active 3D What You Need!

reading glasses online peepersglasses

Designer reading glasses online australia services and content require high-speed Internet service. … I need 4 Anaglyph 3D Glasses ASAP.

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This black, but they distort colour more than grey lenses, hence you have to purchase Sony 3d glasses for Sony TVs. Typically, the vintage looking …

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And in doing so, he has also embraced the proliferation of new technology … "I said I really don't want to talk about the 3D dolls, it's not done yet, we …

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The revolutionary 3D microscope that lets researchers watch cells moving in the body

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A new 3D microscope can image cells in the body, watching as cancer …. Betzig wants the lattice light sheet to be widely used, even as technology …

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Google Earth for Android gets updated with new 3D rendering technology

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This new 3D rendering technology will mean faster and smoother transitions while zooming. Those that use create their own maps in KML will be …

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Husband And Wife Team Unveil The World's First 3D-Printed Graphene Battery

| October 23, 2014 | 0 Comments

A team from Graphene 3D Labs, based in Calverton, New York, has spent … Although the patent-pending technology is only in prototype form, the …

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Meet The Woman Who's Using 3D Printing To Make Your Shoes Cool And Comfortable

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Technology is sexy. Orthotics, those inserts you put in your shoes to fix your hurting feet, aren't even close to being sexy. But what happens when you …

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A New Dimension: Three Quarters of 3D Printer Owners Report High Daily and Weekly Usage

| October 23, 2014 | 0 Comments

The new report, Eye on Emerging Technology: 3D Printing, examines the global market for consumer 3D printers and focuses specifically on …

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Graphene 3D Lab is Working on a Graphene Battery 3D Printer, Introduces Printed Battery Prototype

| October 23, 2014 | 0 Comments

“Our ability to create a 3D printable battery and other electrochemical … Just where this technology will take Graphene 3D Labs and the 3D printing …

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CyberOptics Reports Third Quarter Sales Growth

| October 23, 2014 | 0 Comments

Toward this end, development of our breakthrough Multi-Reflection Suppression (MRS) 3D technology continued in the third quarter. This sensor …

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This Awesome Machine Can 3D Print Plants To Grow Into Any Shape

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He uses a 3D printer and software that he designed to print yarn … His 3D printing technology can print gardens that conform to any shape you choose …

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